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Beijing 24 Simplified  9:00-10:00 Pay Now
Tai Chi for Total Health  10:15-11:15 Pay Now


Tai Chi for Total Health  9:00-10:00 Pay Now
Beijing 24 Simplified  10:15-11:15 Pay Now

Private Tai Chi and Yoga Sessions Available.
Contact Karen at (239) 919-6521.


Tai Chi for Total Health and well-being is enjoyable and easy to learn. Often referred to as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. The gentle and relaxed movements help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and build strength and coordination – valuable in treating and preventing many health problems. For many, Tai Chi continues as a lifetime journey.

The Beijing 24-Posture Simplified Form enables students of all ages to learn and appreciate the essential principles of Tai Chi. Worldwide, the 24 Simplified is said to be the most popular Tai Chi form practiced today. It preserves the traditions and important aspects of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan, and has been simplified by reducing the repetition of movements and omitting some of the more difficult kicks. NOTE: This class is more suitable for those who have been practicing Tai Chi regularly for at least six months. To discuss which class might work best for you, please call Karen at 239-919-6521.

Karen’s Essential Yoga focuses on accessible, time-honored fundamentals that use the breath (pranayama) as the bridge between mind and body to enhance well-being. Join Karen as she guides you through a variety of Asanas (postures) that enhance flexibility, strength, mobility and balance.