Karen McNeil has been studying, practicing and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong since 2000. Her Tai Chi journey began after 25 yearsof studying and teaching yoga. After inviting a Tai Chi master to her Michigan studio, Yoga and the Living Arts, she built upon her knowledge of yoga and expanded her studies to include Tai Chi and Qigong. Since then, she has studied with Dr. Paul Lam and Richard Leirer. In 2017 her journey led her to China where she was able to study with Master Minguye.

Tai Chi and Qigong are 3000-5000 year old disciplines of movements to improve and enhance the body’s life energy and well being. Harvard Medical School refers to it as “Medication in Motion”.

Karen enjoys being both a student and a teacher and has an established private practice with Yoga and Tai Chi in the Naples area. She also shares the benefits of Tai Chi in nature with weekly sessions at the Naples Botanical Gardens.